Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Black Magic!

God save our poor politicians! With an active media and civil society, their peaceful, scamful life has already been wrecked and now there is another scare running amok amongst these hapless individuals. The fear of black magic! The dark powers are conspiring against them to topple them from their positions of power! The fear of these dark powers has made life a living hell for the CM of the state of Karnataka Mr. Yeddyurappa. His enemies are using the dreaded black arts to eliminate him, he claimed from his residence in Bangalore aka the "Silicon Valley of India." He is now seeking counsel from his astrologer B P Sharma to ward off these evil invisible forces. The latter has advised him to perform Suryanamaskar every day in buff. I must say that the astrologer is a smart cookie! He knows that even the sinister dark powers would not be able stand that sight and would scurry away.

Now those of you mocking the CM for his beliefs need to shut up once and for all! I totally agree with his statements regarding the existence of dark elements that have created a chaos in his life. They exist underground. There are certain elements that are only found deep below the ground. They have now come out of the dark and are tormenting the poor CM. The black has now revealed the work of some Red(dy) forces too. The CM's bonhomie with them made the lokayukta of the state see red causing much distress to Mr. Yeddyurappa. Colours are playing strange games with our beloved Yeddy.

There are also some dark winds blowing in the corridors of the CM's office putting a dark cloak on the happenings in there. The CM is not at fault if he too is unable to see things clearly in his office. Blame it on the dark winds that he didn't know that he was denotifying and allotting land to his kith and kin. He was unable see anything and didn't know where his hands were moving. The dark forces were making him do all that!

Yes! he is right that it was the play of black powers. These dark powers have now engulfed our system and are eating away its insides like termites. It is extremely important to destroy these forces before they leave us hollow. Each one of us needs to check the growth of these dark forces within us so that they do not make us commit acts which we are not able to accept later and put us to shame. If we do not curb them now, no amount of suryanamaskar or praying for divine intervention would be able to help our country.

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