Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Anton Chekhov.

Was reading Chekhov today. He definitely is one of my favourite authors. The writer seems to be in a perpetual contemplative mood which before you know turns into brooding. I suppose this can be attributed to the tragedies he faced in his personal life. His writing is profound to say the least. The forlornness experienced by some of his characters noticeably in "The Bishop" seems to be his own as the intensity with which it is expressed shows that the feelings are personal to the writer and not vicarious. There seems to be a lot of chaos inside him which is suggested by the sentences of his stories which though are complete overtly, leave the readers feeling a little ambiguous as a lot is left for the readers to fill up through their imagination. Here, the writer successfully manages to transfer his existential angst on to his readers. 

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  1. Greater the gap between experience and writing - bigger the writer, that’s what writing is all about. I still get hypnotized by Pemchandra's psychoanalytical novels or for that matter Sacchidanand Heeranand Vatsyayan 'Agey's expressions. All these milstones in the field of literature are being created by touching upon every social, economical aspect of living/dead sphere - even part of the one who cannot be seen / touched but can be felt when one believes. All of it crashed in words (their expressions) and reached to the reader. So not necessarily these people have gone through the tragedies of the entire world or joy of the best of materialistic world around - but writers/poets have been able to feel the same pain within and express the same in words. To me, writing has limitation of expressions, since it has limitations of words - but there is no limit to emotions.