Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Chase

Standing on the floor of slippery thoughts where they slide through the slimy surface before I get a chance to catch hold of them. These colourful ideas leave a sweet scent every time they touch me and proceed on their onward journey. Just a whiff, yet the memory of the smell lingers on for long, making me pine for them with an increased fervour each time. This longing forces me to tread on that slippery floor where I have fallen several times, sometimes even to disgrace. But I have long stopped getting ashamed of the disgrace I keep falling into and I get up each time to catch one of those beautiful ideas and keep it with me forever.

But they outrun me, elude me every time. I wonder where they are headed. What is their final destination? I secretly envy the being they would bless with their fragrant presence forever. I wonder why they tease me with just a whiff. Do they play this game with me because I chase them frantically and they have now started enjoying this cat and mouse game? Now that I am aware of their existence, I cannot help but crave for them and keep chasing them. I do not know if I would ever manage to capture them. At times one of them would lilt something sweet into my ears filling me with inexplicable cheer. How can I stop chasing them? The happiness they give me, though momentary, is unlike I have ever experienced, both in intensity and kind. Why wouldn’t I be tempted to make them mine forever?

But as of now, I stand on the floor of slippery thoughts, trying to keep my balance even as I follow the scented trail of these thoughts hoping to find their final abode... 

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