Saturday, September 10, 2011

Snake in the grass

Another separation is on its way. It had been creeping in insidiously like a green snake in the savannas. I knew there was something amiss, a careless hiss once in a while. But walking in green pastures makes one oblivious to the obvious threats. However, now the grass is receding and the snake has no place to escape but to shine in the bright sun. It is here. It is here and ready to spew its venom on me. Another bout of excruciating pain when I will have to do a small incision and let the venom ooze out of my body, drop by drop. Can't let it spread to the rest of my body. I have now become an expert in this small surgical process that I need to undergo every once in a while. It is not just the venom but also my blood that drops out with it. A part of me decides to leave me to be a part of the venom forever. I think it will eventually die of the poison.

I do nothing! I let it go!


  1. Don't be afraid of venom in the body.

    Venom doesn't kill, Shiva turns blue, keeps smiling.

  2. vish peene ke baad hi amrut milega :)

  3. Let it go!!Let it be!! You just be you and it will be no more!!!

  4. Too much of emotion in it...

  5. Anonymous11:20 PM

    Vish Kanya

    -- Now you know who is this.... :P