Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sometimes pain is unable to express itself overtly. It just simmers at the brim like a lidded pot full of boiling water. It scalds you and leaves a scar that can never be erased. I suppose the same can be said about love. Love can be the most vitriolic and corrosive of all emotions. As Marquez said, unrequited love can make your corpse smell like bitter almonds. All glorified and worshiped, love has now become this arrogant tyrannical  God who rules our lives with a whip. Controlling our emotions, our movements, our thoughts. We are enslaved by this all-powerful master who keeps lashing his whip with unabated cruelty. Love needs to be brought down from this higher pedestal to a more earthly existence from where he can see the pain he has been afflicting on us for so long. He needs to be made more humane, not Godly. From their heavens above gods are unable to see the plight of earthlings. Humane love can be argued with, fought against; Godly love is above reason knowing no laws of logic and rationality. He works in a whimsical fashion. These whims need to be done away with. This tyranny needs to be done away with. Rationality has to win over this recklessness...

Some day it will!


  1. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Oh Isha Pant, Some very heavy stuff lady...
    Tere ko bas love par hi thoughts kyun aate hain aajkal ladki....?

    PS: won't tell you my name....

  2. haha.. as if I won't know.. GKT!! :)