Friday, May 11, 2012

Rolling Into the Abyss of Happiness

The vast green fields undulating
Like the rhythmic tones of Mandarin
The joy of rolling over
Rolling into the abyss of happiness

The tiny cherubic flowers
Like tiny colourful stars in the green sky

Soft velvety sun rays
Smooth as marshmellows
Massaging the mind and soul
The lightness of being
The urge to keep rolling
Rolling into the abyss of happiness

The ribbon-like stream
Of honey and milk
A hiatus in the vastness
A break from rolling over
A reality check
A need to quench thirst
Thirst from rolling over

The cool breeze from
The distant snow capped mountains
A reminder
Of the end of one era
And beginning of another
As you roll away
Into the abyss of happiness

The Body
Becoming Green from rolling over
The Green becoming the body
The soul pervading the Cosmos
The Cosmos becoming the soul
The Cosmic transfusion
The becoming of One from many
The undulating rhythm of life
In its highest form
The cosmic joy of Oneness
Of no boundaries, no separations
Of rolling
Rolling into the abyss of happiness

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