Monday, August 13, 2012

Last Goodbye

Broken tea cups, spilled coffee beans
Mirrors that have lost their sheen
Dried corners of the clueless mouth
Gagged voice and silent shouts
The joy of living and forgetting
Those moments of laughing and sharing
A knight in armour brandishing sword
Yet nothing in the heart strikes a chord
Senseless strumming of guitar with a plectrum
Endless waiting for them who'll never come
An ill conceived joke that they all call life
Things inside torn asunder by strife
Petals of the Flower strewn around
Downward flight from sky to ground
Saying Yes when the heart revolts
Re-casting self in the approved mold
Unloving the loved and loving the unloved
In the recesses the unsaid is for ever shoved

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  1. livinluv199910:02 PM

    Yet nothing in the heart strikes a chord......Downward flight from sky to ground.....