Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"We are our choices"

The night was in full bloom as she stood at the glass door of her apartment looking at the first snowfall of the season. The city shone in all different neon colours as the snow silently covered the world in its pristine white blanket. Ever since a flaming arrow pierced her soul giving her a blazing pain she would stand there every night waiting for one particular snowflake which would cure her pain forever. Each day she waited for the snowfall and for that one snowflake. 

As she was watching the falling snow, she started noticing patterns. The snowflakes were telling the story of her life in letters and symbols. She went outside with outstretched arms. Many a flake fell on her open hands but didn't fit in. Soon two flakes of different shape fell into her each hand. She clinched her fist as other snowflakes tried to enter inside her fist but failed and fell flat on the ground becoming a part of the white snow blanket. 

She was now in a dilemma as to which one would be a cure for her soul. She sat in the balcony of her house looking at the two snowflakes peeping from her fists. One had the shape of a sparkling mind and the other that of a golden heart. In one familiarity had already started breeding contempt while in the other familiarity led to an ever increasing affection. Despite the obvious signs she was getting drawn towards the mind even as the heart never lost hope and swore to cure her soul forever with its loving touch. Just then the mind began melting. She instinctively clinched her fist tighter not wanting to let go of it. But then realizing that she could not stop it slipping past her fingers no matter how hard she tried she opened her fist to let it go and saw a red stone in her hand. It forgot its heart, she thought. She looked at the red stone-heart wistfully. A puddle of water was formed on the ground and had already started freezing. She kept the stone right in the middle of the puddle before it froze, giving it back to its owner. 

She looked at the other fist with a smile creeping on her lips and gently kissed it. She entered her warm apartment that bathed in soothing yellow lights to get cured of the pain as Norah Jones sang in her soulful voice of not missing someone she no longer had..


  1. As I sit and watch the snow, falling down!
    Magical again!Wah!

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  3. livinluv19999:52 PM

    constant feeling..once again..dark..black ..strong..alone...share...open...love will heal