Sunday, March 30, 2014

Endless Flight

From the far away wilderness I hear the blue dove cry
Passing through the filters of a busy city
Where cars honk at wayward pedestrians
And the weekend merrymaking becomes a little too raucous 
It reaches my ears while I stare at the hunter in the sky
In her melancholic voice she sings songs of bereavement
Of being lost in the endless labyrinth of gloom 
Of the river losing herself just before she could meet the sea
Of the cool breeze turning away its face 
giving way to hot suffocating winds that scalded her face
Of the air pregnant with dark wordless silent
Of the heavy sticky fluid choking the insides
Of waiting for a meeting that shall never happen

Though she sings to herself, our hearts beat in harmony
Till my heart turns into hers
I turn into the blue dove and sit on the oak branch
The mistletoe grows under my feet with berries all over
I expand my newly found wings even as I hear the cooing from branches around
I pause for a moment and only see clockwork birds around
I give in to my newly found wings and take my endless flight 

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