Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mahamrityunjay jaap

The Maha Mrityunjay is a mantra that is said to rejuvenate, bestow health, wealth, a long life, peace, prospperity and contentment. The prayer is addressed to LORD SHIVA. By chanting this Mantra, Divine vibrations are generated which ward off all the negative and evil forces and create a powerful protective shield. And it is said to protect the one who chants against accidents and misfortunes of every kind.
"Om hom jhum swah,
Om Trayambakam yajamahe, sugandhim pushtivardhnam,
Urvarukmiv vandanaat, mrityormukshi yamammritam,
Om swah jhum hom."
The spiritual side of me is active today. This is not a common occurence, which is quite unfortunate. I wish I were able to maintain the same spiritual energy in me all the time. My soul has been kept away from its food for quite some time now. It needs to be fed more often before it dies of starvation.

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