Sunday, January 22, 2012

Voices of the Immortals

After eons
I hear the voices again
Of the immortals
From the far end
Of the small garden in my house
Where there is an anthill.
The far end of the small garden

There they live
With the assiduous ants
Who bring them food
Three times a day.
Yes immortals need food
For their voices to be heard
Else they’ll lie
In the far end corner
Of the small garden in my house.

Eons before
Their voices were loud and clear.
But then came the termites
Occupying the anthill.
Ants were pushed to the corners .
Along they brought a wandering ant eater
Who would hunt
And eat the ants away.
Termites were safe
They didn't need to move out for food.
They were eating
Of the immortals.
The voices of the immortals started receding
The food for them started decreasing
The ants were dying
The termites beaming.

Now eons later
The rains are back again.
The ants now have wings
They fly and get food
For themselves and the immortals.
The termites can’t feed on the immortals anymore.
The ants now mix venom in their food
Remember, the immortals can never die.
But termites die
Eating poison-laden immortals.
The hungry ant eater
Now eats the wandering termites.
The pact between them is broken
For nothing is greater than self interest.

It started with whispers
But now their voices are loud and clear
In the same far end corner of my house
Which is still

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  1. Anonymous6:16 PM

    how can you think so much Isha Pant?
    I must say, i am impressed even more.
    Bhoot, Deemak aur cheetiyan. :P