Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Me in Me..

the quest is on
to find the me in me
is it the giggly school girl
or the pensive old woman
the caring mother
or the adamant adolescent

or am i
the hollowness
that has become me
the black hole
that cannot be seen
its insidious presence felt
sucking my emotions
yet perceptibly
my emotions
that are no longer mine
that have begun
their endless journey
into the unending abyss

or am i
the unanswered
however uneasily
in the bed of falsehood

or am i
the broken
unspoken dreams
that could never be
that remained concepts
Conceptual Dreams

or am i
the attachments
detachments inside
the strange pushing
pulling inside
of love and hate
of pleasure and despair
of reality and illusion
of shadows and silhouettes

or am i
the kite
that flies high
deep into the sky
whose strings are held
by some distant hands
the kite
that faces rivalry
from other kites
in the sky

or am i
the heart
which is rowing alone
in the vast ocean
with no end in sight

the me in me
remains ever elusive
like the lady of the night
it belongs to all and to none
it is everything above
yet nothing above

the me in me
waiting for a response
for unasked questions
waiting for dreams
to have speech
that can be dreamt

the me in me
wishing the black hole
to turn into a bright star

the me in me
wishing away
the headless battles
led by doubts and fears

the me in me
still wandering
in the cosmos
with questions
buried deep inside the chest
waiting for the collision
with the dazzling comet
bringing out
the buried answers

till then
the me in me
will keep speaking to me
in the dark of the night
asking me
to find it inside me
the game of hide and seek
it plays with me
the quest is on
someday it will end...


  1. Anonymous11:37 PM

    you are none of these, but one and only ISHA PANT. very precious and very dear to all those whose lives you have touched.

  2. Anonymous8:10 PM

    Profound Pant :)
    its as smooth as ur salsa!