Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hot chocolate and Cappuccino

Blue gloom hung over me
Like the dark wicked clouds
Sniggering at the ship
Caught in a whirlpool

The tiny yellow flower
In the book which was opened at last
Smell of which long gone
Reminding of a distant past
Measured emotions weighed sentences
As if a cappuccino and chocolate vendor

The words of a seer
On losing someone dear
The air heavy with sighs
Faces dazed as if on rye
A souvenir from the sea
Left for my company

Clock ticking in my head
Words said unsaid
Time slipping away from my hand
Like quicksand
In an unexplained hurry
Shall I worry?

One last look before the clouds descend
I tried but miserably failed
In matters of uncertain hearts
Turning back is always so hard.

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