Monday, March 05, 2012

The visitor

The five o' clock alarm went off when a lazy hand of mine hit the snooze button. The stubborn alarm screamed relentlessly five minutes later to assert its indisputable authority over my life. I gave in. An outstretched arm was followed by a clumsy leg out of the cosy comforter while the rest of me reluctantly obeyed them. Groggy eyed, I staggered to the bathroom where I was greeted by a visitor. Hanging upside down, he was steadily moving towards me. Having no ambitions of becoming another Peter Parker, I ducked my head to give him space to carry on with his voyage. However, that was not how the visitor had planned the visit. My little brown visitor felt ignored and came back towards me to give me a shaky handshake. He decided to take the route alongside the tiled wall. I kept looking at it approaching me. I think he was rather excited for the handshake as he was moving at an amazing pace. I let him come near me and when he was within my reach, I calmly took off my slippers and hit him. It was nice meeting you Mr. Spider!

Now my visitor is a brown patch on my wall.

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