Saturday, March 10, 2012

If you were me..

If you were me, would you not think of
the winters that shall never come again?
Would the moorings of your lifeboat
still be intact after the hurricane of illusions?

If you were me would you find reason in madness
Or would you look at yourself with disdain?
Would the rains be a reason for you
to shed tears in oblivion?
Or would it be the bathroom shower?

If you were me, would you be living
happily with a heavy heart?
Or would you rip it apart and
let the flesh rot in the scorching sun

If you were me, would the songs of
birds and winds remind you of me?
Or would it be the rhythm of the heart?
Would you not remember me with
a teardrop settled on your lips?

If you were me would you live with
the void in the middle of your being?
Would you let your heart live
Or would you bury it in graveyard?

If you were me, would you let
the black panther maul you cruelly?
Or would you fight back ferociously?
Would the advent of night never scare you?

If you were me, would you long
for the day of forgetfulness?
Or would you rather live
with the stinging swarm of memories?

If you were me, would you hang on to me?
Or would you let me go smiling wistfully?

Me being me, I shall see you from the heavens
Shedding a tear or two at my burning pyre
Writing me an epitaph from words and wisdom
There lived a woman you found but never loved
How intense the meeting shall be 
of your words and the ashes from my burning pyre
In death we shall meet..

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