Friday, March 09, 2012

Of losses and gains

The colour of my mood today - bluish grey

Strange forlornness has engulfed me. I wish I could shoo away the heavy fog set over me. On rare occasions loneliness manages to make me its prey. Devouring me thoroughly, it has left me feeling weak and restless. Yes, restlessness is a sign of weakness. Not being able to quiten the inner turmoil makes you feel powerless.

Once a coin lost by someone was found by me. Dazzled by its brightness, I decided to keep it with me. I look at it everyday and try to capture its shine in my eyes. Once it goes away, the shine in my eyes too would go away. I keep it tucked away in the left pocket of my shirt. The coin has slipped away from my hands several times yet it always rolls back towards me and I pick it up unscrupulously. Sometimes its brightness fades away, making it look a little sad. Does it miss its rightful owner, I ask myself. But I hesitate to part away from it not realizing that along with immense pleasure it is also the source of my despair.

Strange things have now started happening. The coin is getting heavier by the day, though its size remains the same. I don't think I would be able to carry it for long now.

I think I shall let it roll away.

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