Monday, February 13, 2012

Esoteric Musings

Writing from a state of mind where making sense doesn't make sense anymore

Is it the moon or my heart
shining in the sky
with a part covered in dark shadows
and the other
dotted with scars
scars of
having lost myself
and having found cipher
the crisscrossing of swords
on my heart
a battleground of aimless emotions
bullets of careless words
that have marred my heart forever
of unexplained ecstasy and dejection
like the waves
that erode the shore
that gives them shelter

and here comes
the master spider called
weaving a web of dreams
there where the universe ends
in which i get caught
unable to move
just keep rolling over
in the gummy fibres
of dreams
that refuse to give in
the more i resist
the more i get entwined with the web
that's when the master spider called
preys on me
relishing the thick sticky salty emotions
oozing from inside the depth of my scarred heart


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  2. I am imagining Isha Pant(in black) in a huge spider the movies of the 70-80s.. :P